Coleman Powermate 5000W Generator Help!


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Coleman Powermate 5000W Generator Help!

I got a Coleman Powermate 5000W Generator from work that was going to get tossed. The generator is about 5 years old and was used a few weeks ago when it shut off suddenly and the engine seemed to be locked up.

I was able to get the engine unfrozen with marvel magic mystery oil, made sure the valves were operating properly and the carb was clean. I put fresh gas in it and got it started. It ran for a few minutes, the idol was fluctuating drastically, then violently shut off (jumped off the dolly i had it sitting on).

Now the flywheel still moves freely (almost too easily) and there seems to be a clicking/ticking coming from the generator side when i rotate the engine. Where should I start in trying to figure out what broke?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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It blew up. The connecting rod broke. Someone ran it without oil.
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I have that same model genny and it should kick off if there is low or no oil.
Mine has a minor gasket leak so I will run low on oil and it'll kick off. I say minor as it's only happen to me once after 3 tanks of fuel.

Am I correct in assuming you have seporated the engine from the generator portion?
Sounds like an engine rebuild or replace if this is correct.
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Cheese, thanks for the heads up and the info. It had plenty/new oil in it when the problems started but don't know what kind of abuse it had prior. I was hoping it was going to be an easy fix but i guess not!

Northern Mike, I haven't torn it apart yet. I wanted to get some info before i put too much time into the project since it really was just something to keep me busy and maybe flip it to make a little cash.

Now I know it's really not worth my time to keep messing with it.

Thanks for the help!

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