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Toro Tractor

Toro tractor Model #71185 serial # 6904961
Can you adjust the tension on the the mower deck belt?
How do you determine how much play should be in the belt?
Seems like the mower bogs down in semi tall grass on a mower deck setting of C and a half (about 3 and half inches).
Any thoughts on how to fix?
Thank You:
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There should be a spring loaded tensioner that keeps it tensioned. Is yours broken or is the belt so loose that the tensioner cannot apply tension to the belt?

The mower bogging down in tall grass can be helped with sharp blades or raising your cutting height. You can cut the grass sooner, before it gets so high and you can cut using only a portion of the mower deck. Instead of cutting full width drive the mower so 3/4 of the deck is over uncut grass and the other 1/4 is over an area you've already cut. In spring when the grass is growing fast and it's full of moisture it can put a load on any mower and can be a time where horsepower really counts.
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Toro |

Not sure if the above is going to come across as a hyperlink or not, but copy and paste it to your browser if necessary, click on the "manuals" tab, and you can download a .pdf of the owners manual, which appears to answer your question.

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