Toro Recycler (Didn't Start, Now won't stay running)

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Toro Recycler (Didn't Start, Now won't stay running)

My Toro (B & S 6.75) was sitting for a good year without use. I had a landscaper and recently got rid of him. Tried to get my Toro running, no go. Have done a bunch of work to clean it up.

New gaskets (double it up at recommendation from repair guy)
New Carb Bowl, ring and nut washer
Carb Cleaner to Carb
Cleaned Carb Bowl nut holes (wound up blowing carb cleaner in my eye... fun)
New air filter

So now it will turn over but will not stay running. It idles for a second then idles down to stall.. 3-4 seconds max.

Any suggestions??????

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You still have some dirt or varnish in it. When you have the bowl off does the gas flow freely though the float valve ans shut off with light pressure up on the float?

I would try some Sea Foam in the gas - about four ounces to a quart of gas. Get it started, then choke it to kill it. Let it sit for 1/2 hour and try it again to see it runs. If it keeps going, let it run for about five minutes, then shut it off and fill the tank on up with just gas.
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There is a micro jet on the stem of the bolt that holds the float bowl. It is so small you may need a magnifying glass to see it. I had to use a needle to get into it as a piece of bell wire was too thick.

It is doing exactly what mine did until I cleaned this micro jet 2 times. Apparently the first time didn't do it. The start, run for 3 sec. and stop is the sign to concentrate on the jets a little more. I'm guessing that it has something to do with the vacuum created to draw the gas into the carb. Right now, you prime, start and it runs until it uses up the prime, then dies.

May I also suggest safety goggles.....

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