LawnBoy mower speed/RPM varies


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LawnBoy mower speed/RPM varies

Mower speed cycles up/down as cut grass.........load on mower doenst seem to matter.....any ideas?? not self propelled
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If you have not made adjustments to the carburetor then I would start by thoroughly cleaning it. You might have a jet or orifice clogged that is throwing the mixture off and making the governor hunt.
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I would thoroughly clean the carb like Pilot Dane suggested and when you do, be sure to make sure the main jet in the middle of the carb is clean. I usually take a wire from a wire brush and stick it through all the tiny holes in the sides of the carburetor and also check from the ends and see if it goes through. Make sure the needle (which is attached to the float) moves freely and doesn't get hung up because that might cause it to run roughly as you stated.
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Please post the Model number of the mower, LawnBoy hasn't been a LawnBoy for a long time, the mower may have a Tecumseh, Briggs, Kohler, Honda or whatever engine on it, that is what we need to know. Have a good one. Geo

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