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I took the linkage apart on the engine now I cannot get it set properly. Engine quits when it gets under load. I have the rod in the right hole on the throttle plate and the problem is at the other end of the linkage.I am up a creek trying to get it set right by trial and error and not having any luck. There is no marks that I can see to go by. Any help will be wonderful.
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snuffy, How could anyone possibly help without knowing what kind of engine it is?...Mike
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First I would like to mention the method used to continue a topic not yet resolved. Each time you want to ask a question or post an update on a continuing topic you've posted, such as this one, the best method is to click reply on the orginal topic.

<Example: your orginal question on the 8 horsepower engine>

Doing this allows others to follow along and or add worthy information. Mike happens to also be very knowledgeable on the subject of small engines but was unaware you and I had been previously exchanging postings on this subject.

In regards to the linkage problems, on the 8 horsepower engines <{and others of this size}> there are at least two methods of connecting the likage rod.

Most commonly is the spring being attached to the rod like that found on a lawnmower engine. The other method, the linkage rod is connected without a spring on the rod. The method used to adjust each is different.

What needs to be known is exactly how the linkage on your engine is attached on "the other end" as you mentioned. Larger displacement engines with soild likage rods can also be connected reversed without the untrained eye noticing it.
Fact is, at times even the trained eye misses this..haha

What I may not have been clear on in the prior posting, is it's very possible that solid linkage rod <I assume it's solid> can be installed in the incorrect hole on the gov. lever arm.

The governor lever arm is located on the side of the engine. The lever is directly attached to the gov inside the engine. The lever will have several holes in it. The correct hole must be used or the condition your discribing can be the result. Therefore, look for prior ware marks on the lever.

If the gov has a spring attached to it, the spring end has to be attached to the governor lever. it can also either be installed reversed or even upside down. Check every thing twice once again. Post back the results here by clicking reply to this topic.

Good Luck,

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