Kohler CV12.5S - magnets detached from flywheel


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Question Kohler CV12.5S - magnets detached from flywheel

I have a JD STXX38 Lawn Tractor with a Kohler CV12.5S engine which is over 20 yrs old. I have had the problem of the battery going dead and having to be recharged.

I've followed a few threads and diagnosed my lack of voltage to the stator. When I pulled the flywheel I found the magnets (which I assume were attached to the flywheel) stuck to the ends of the stators. I've cleaned the dust and debris out but cannot find any mention of how to proceed with the repair. The Kohler manual doesn't even mention the flywheel having magnets so I guess that they're never-ever-ever supposed to detach.

Can I reattach? Do I need new magnets? New flywheels are listed at $150ish so I hope I can fix it!

Any help would be appreciated.
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I have successfully repaired them. I use JBweld and put a thin layer all the way across the back of each magnet and stick it to the flywheel after cleaning the rust off with sandpaper. The magnets must be properly spaced and polarized. The magnets will go on the flywheel in alternating polarity, so two north ends will be near each other, then 2 south ends, etc... all the way around. This way, every magnet will be trying to repel the one on either side of it. This induces the alternating current into the stator windings to charge your battery.
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Thanks Cheese, I'll give that a try.

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