Homelite 45 cc chainsaw stopped, won't restart


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Homelite 45 cc chainsaw stopped, won't restart

Yesterday I fired up this chainsaw to do some chores, and noticed I was getting sawdust instead of chips so I stopped the engine to sharpen the blade. I also had to mix up a gallon of fuel mix at 50:1.

After sharpening and refueling the saw would not start. I pulled the plug and confirmed spark (cleaned it while I was in there) and tried again... still no start.

This morning I tried it again, and got it to catch for a few seconds- it ran, but puked out a lot of blue smoke and quit.

The blue smoke made me think I used too much oil in the fuel mix, but I just confirmed I used 2.6 oz.

Any ideas for me?

Dave O
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I have no idea what saw you have, but I'd guess it's time for a carb kit with a good clean,,,, Roger

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