WeedEater XT260 gas powered string trimmer - running problem

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WeedEater XT260 gas powered string trimmer - running problem

I have a five year old Weedeater XT260 gas powered string trimmer. It is very hard to start and eventually I can get it started, but then will only stay on if I leave it on 1/2 choke and don't touch the gas control at all. No matter how long it runs (so it is not a cold engine) if I change the choke or try to give it gas, it dies. I've read many posts about a clogged carb and cleaning out the carb so that may be my next step, but I've noticed that when I push the primer bulb, it stays in and gas does NOT refill it quickly. It refills very slowly and slowly comes back out. Instead of the carb, could this be caused by either a clogged fuel line or some filter somewhere? (Is there a fuel filter in the tank?). I've broken the starter rope so that needs to be replaced but I don't want to just throw money at it (rope, carb, filter,....). If a quick fix, it'll be worth it. Thanks
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Start by cleaning your carburetor.
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Well i would start by checking the carburetor, you said that you open the choke halfway between start and run and cant pull the trigger at all without it dying. Your probably not getting enough gas because the trigger is connect by a wire to the throttle plate in the carburetor so when you pull the trigger air is getting in but not enough gas. Take the carb off and check the holes for blockage and use carb cleaner to clean it, then blow out the holes with a compressor. Now on the primer, as long as fuel is filling the primer, it should be going into the carb which could be clogged. Take the fuel line out and take off the filter on the end and see if it looks dirty and if so replace it. I have replaced starter ropes on weedeaters and they are cheap, but be careful when changing the rope not to let the recoil spring under the pulley to come out because they are a pain to put back in. The only reason to replace the carb is if it is badly corroded or if it has cracks in it. I'd Start with cleaning the carb. I had to replace a carb on a murray 5hp mower because the entire inside of the carb was corroded and the pedestal, or the tube the fuel goes up into the throat of the carb had cracked and the bowl nut wouldn't stay in, that and a new crankcase breather and it ran fine, and it had been out in the rain for years.

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