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Briggs & Stratton governor linkage question

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08-05-13, 01:40 PM   #1  
Briggs & Stratton governor linkage question

Did you ever figure this out? Read here...http://www.doityourself.com/forum/ou...-question.html

I have the same exact problem. Maybe I can word it differently if it helps.

My mover has 2 bars up at the to to hold down. One is the "dead-man" lever which is always held down to operate. The other is the "self propel" lever that engages the front wheels to go.

What I remember when the mover was working is that when I held down the "dead man" lever, the little spring (seen in the 2nd pic on 3/10/11 next to the primer bulb) got stretched by some linkage that pulled it. Now when I pull the dead-man lever nothing pulls that spring.

Everything else seems to be connected to work correctly - the dead-man switch disengages the brake on the flywheel and also moves the piece off the spark inhibitor as mentioned in post #1. It appears that in picture #1 on 3/10/11 that the bar labeled "metal arm mounted to hexagonal post" does not move when I pull the dead man bar. Is it supposed to? All of the connections are in place so that if I manually move the "metal arm mounted to hexagonal post" it moves the two connectors and stretches the spring.

Likewise as the original post, if I manually move the "throttle" (the plastic piece located almost square in the middle of pic 2) I can get it to start.

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08-05-13, 10:26 PM   #2  
None of the items pictured in this thread should move when you hold the deadman bar. You should be able to see the other end of the cable moving a lever though.

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08-05-13, 10:38 PM   #3  
Moved to own thread.........................

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08-06-13, 09:50 AM   #4  
By lever, do you mean the one that takes the "brake" off of the flywheel? That part is working correctly.

If the deadman bar is working correctly, then what is causing my problem? If I manually set the throttle (the air vane I think it's called, the little disc inside the fuel/air tube) I can get it to start. Otherwise it will only sputter for a few turns with the gas that is primed and then die.

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08-06-13, 01:02 PM   #5  
Is it possible you mowed under a bush or something and bent the tab that the governor spring hooks into, if so bend the tab forward, at the base, to put tension on the spring and increase RPMs. Have a good one. Geo

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