Billy Goat LB30 / Briggs & stratton 92501 questions


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Billy Goat LB30 / Briggs & stratton 92501 questions


Picked up a very early Billy Goat garden vac, early 80's I think. The engine starts on the first pull, and runs perfectly with a satisfying tone.

I have never owned a petrol engine other than my car, so I don't know the general maintenance /usage facts. I would like to know how best to maintain it and also how long it will last if looked after.

I know it's a 4 stroke engine, and I have found the fuel tank. What I'm unsure of is how and where to top up and check the engine oil.

I haven't found a manual online for either the Billy Goat or the engine, so any links would be appreciated.

Billy Goat: Little Billy LB30

Engine: Briggs and Stratton 092501-1009-01, 158 CC, 3.0 HP

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Welcome to the forums!

Normally there is a little plug near the bottom of the engine, you remove it to check the oil [it fills to the top] Normal maintenance is fairly simple; change oil, spark plug, clean air filter, don't leave gas in the system for extended periods of non use [like over the winter] without adding something like StaBil to the gas. The small engine mechanics should be along later with more/better info for you. One of them might even be familiar with your particular machine
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The Billy Goat website has a list of downloadable manuals. I did not see your model listed but looking at the other LB manuals should give you most of what you need.
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Thanks for the replies.

The closest manual to mine is the LB351, which does actually resemble the one I have.
Even in that manual, they do not describe how to check / top up the oil.

The engine though is where the main difference seems to lie.

The LB351 seems to have a throttle marked with fast and slow settings, and a push button primer. The LB30 has only a knob saying start / run / stop, which seems to be the throttle control.

One of my other questions is with the motor I have, is it OK to run it in the 'start' setting. This seems to be full throttle, and gives quite a bit more suction than 'run'. I don't mind the extra fuel, but don't want to burn out the engine.

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Full throttle ok with these things?

I have been using the vac for a bit now, and have found where to put the oil, seems to run really well and does a nice job.

My only remaining question is a general one really: can I run this old engine at full throttle without damaging it? Full throttle is 'start' on the dial, while 'run' is a lower setting, with noticably weaker suction.

In case you haven't read the original description, it's a 20-30 year old engine.

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