Poulon Pro Leaf Blower Won't Start


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Poulon Pro Leaf Blower Won't Start

I have a Poulon Pro BVM200LE Leaf Blower that is about 7 years old. I haven't had any issues with it until I was using it a few weeks ago. I had just fueled it up and used it for awhile then put it away. The next time I went to start it the leaf blower would not start. I remember that when I mixed the fuel I may have put more than the recommended oil amount in, so I put new fuel in and still nothing. Today I replaced the spark plug and air filter and took the carb off and sprayed it down with carb cleaner and nothing seems to work. I smell fuel on the plug. Any ideas of what to do next?
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You may want to clear the engine out of any fuel and start over.

Dump all the gas out of the tank, then full choke, no throttle, spin it about ten times. Then take out the plug and spin another ten or so. Then put a teaspoon of gas directly in the plug hole, put in the plug, and with full throttle, no choke, pull it till it tries to start.

If it does, put gas back in the tank and half choke, full throttle, see if it will take off for you.

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Thanks for the reply! I tried that and still didn't have any luck.
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Have you checked it for spark? Ground the plug and look for a bight blue spark (better in dark garage). If nothing, disconnect the kill wire from the switch. If nothing then, look for a bare spot on the kill wire running to the ignition coil. If good there, the coil is likely bad.
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Are you still having problems with that blower?
Quick check.
Get a can of spray starting fluid.
Remove the air filter and spray a quick short burst of fluid directly into the carb.
On some you don't have to remove the filter, just spray a short burst directly through the filter.
Be careful with that stuff, cause it is more combustible than gas, so you should only use very short bursts at a time.
Pull the rope.
If it starts and runs for a second or so then the odds are that it isn't anything to do with electrical, but with the carb.
Which is my primary guess as to what your problem is.
When you cleaned your carb, exactly how far did you go with it?
If all you did was sprayed it down with carb cleaner, you didn't go far enough.
You have to disassemble the carb, use the spray straw to squirt cleaner straight through every orifice in the block.
Hold the carb at an angle to make sure the spray doesn't splash back in your face.
Make sure the cleaner that you spray into a hole can come out freely from another hole.
If you have never taken one of the carbs apart before, don't be afraid of it, just take it apart slowly and carefully to avoid breaking one of the thin gaskets.
I take them apart on a small 8 inch diameter white plate, and try to keep them in precise order across the plate as I take it apart.
I use a small sewing needle to carefully push into a hole that no cleaner blows through in order to remove any small debris that might be blocking it.
The reason I use the plate is because there are often small parts that can be easily lost if dropped.

I have a craftsman weed eater that recently did virtually the same thing as you described.
There is a small metal screen inside the walbro carb on my craftsman which I had to remove with a sewing needle to clean out the "trash" before I got it up and running.
The reservoir behind that screen was literally packed with some type of whitish substance that very nearly looked like it "could" be a filter itself.
I removed all that, blew the holes, reassembled the carb; and tried to start it.
Wouldn't start till I sprayed a short burst of starting fluid through the air filter.
But ran like always did before once it was started.

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