Troy Bilt Tiller won't start

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Troy Bilt Tiller won't start

I have a Troy Bilt Bronco CRT Roto Tiller Model 21C-64M1011 with a Troy Bilt OHV 208cc engine.

Worked great in the summer of 2011 in NC. Then I had to move to FL so I drained the gas, made the move and did not use it last year. I stored it in my garage and brought it out about 3 weeks ago and have not been able to get it started.

I replaced the oil with new, new gas, new spark plug (made sure it had spark), cleaned the carb and air filter, made sure the gas lines were not clogged, and still could not get it to start. I tried with the throttle open, closed, half way, with the speed all the way up, down, part of the way, still nothing.

I shot some starter fluid in and got it so start once and it died after about a minute, then I couldn't get it started again, even with starter fluid. I even put some StaBil stuff in the gas, and still nothing.

Any suggestions? Anyone know what this is or how to get this thing started?
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Your main jet is probably plugged. Stick some Sea Foam in it - about 4 oz to a quart of gas. Then full choke, full throttle, pull it over about five times to get the mixture up through the carb. Let that sit for fifteen minutes, then try to start it with half choke, half throttle.
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When you say "cleaned the carb" I assume you left it on the engine and sprayed it with carb cleaner. If the jet is clogged to the point that no fuel is getting through then additives to the fuel can't reach it. You may need to remove the carb from the machine and disassemble it but I would give the Sea Foam a try first. You could get lucky.
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Thank you guys for the replies.

I haven't had a chance to come back online here in a couple days. Marbobj, I really like the idea of the sea foam and wish I would have thought about it. However I am happy to say I was able to get it started before having to go that route.

I was checking it out again yesterday and thought I would just replace the hose lines since I already had the hose and would see where, if any place, the gas was getting held up. Out of curiousity I figured I would take the carb off again just to check it, I did pull the carb off the first time to clean it Pilot but I really do appreciate your being thorough and explaining why the additives would not have gotten to it.

I took the carb off and it had a whole bunch more build up and sediment. So I cleaned it again, soaking in gasoline and really being thorough (was thorough the first time but it looked like all this was brand new build up and came off much easier). Once I did that, I put it all back together and started it up. There was a whole bunch of smoke at first for a minute or two, but it was running.

Worked pretty well and seems to be doing better now but I just don't understand the second buildup in the carb and why it was so difficult.

Thanks again for the help. I will keep your suggestions and advise in mind for any future issues.

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