Steering problem seeking advice Model #247.288852


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Question Steering problem seeking advice Model #247.288852

Model #247.288852 LT 2000
Serial # 1L141H10133
This mower is extremely hard to steer. When you pop the hood and turn the wheel while looking at the steering gear it actually moves forward and backward while reluctantly turning against the steering shaft like the bolt is loose that secures it but it is not.
The gear is number 1 in the diagram. Seriously bad design in my opinion. I took it apart and greased it and made sure all of the bolts were tight. I did notice that the bolt that held the gear was installed in reverse order from the picture but that shouldn't have made any difference. I found it hard to believe that this gear moves on the actual frame of the mower with no thrust washer or bushing. I find nothing in the diagram that shows anymore parts or missing parts. Really at a loss it steers so hard that you could actually bend something by using it. Tires are inflated and everything is greased. Advise

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Hello Rebelwoc,

If you have forward and backward movement in gear #1 your issue isn't likely in this gear or the shaft, Remove the steering rod end #10 from #19 lever on the axle assembly #34. Rotate the steering wheel with the steering rod off, Does it move freely ?

If so, Jack the front wheels off the ground and try turning one by hand..... Is it tight ?

If so, Between sand getting into the axle shaft bushing area and grease drying out is causing the binding. Remove both axle assemblies #33 & #34 and clean the bushing areas out then re-lube.....

Good Luck
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#16 needs to be replaced while you;re there. It's what allows the shaft to walk back and forth and will let the gears slip before long. Poor quality. I'm sad that craftsman started letting MTD make their low end mowers.
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I will try your suggestions and let you know.
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Just repaired the steering. After disassembling the tie rod and trying to move the axles the right axle was froze up. Although it was taking grease and moving when steering, I could not move it by hand when linkage disconnected. The left side is fine and moves freely. I had to heat up #21 in the diagram (cross member?) and pound the axle with a mallet to get it out. I then had to file off the minor mushroom top I created with the mallet to get it out. I used emery cloth to sand the shaft and get the rust off, cleaned out the x-member female and greased all by hand. Re-assembled all while aligning and took it for a test drive. Still do not like the play in the #1 gear but it is acceptable due to a bad design. I don't know why I did not go this way to begin with. It was accepting grease so I just didn't think that a problem existed in the axles. Much thanks, problem solved.

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