2 Stroke Weed Whacker Problem.


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2 Stroke Weed Whacker Problem.

Hi all from a Newbie,

Have a problem with my Mitsubishi weed whacker, it's 2 stroke and won't restart after I've been using it for 1/2 hour or so. It starts initially without a worry, it runs well but if I get it clogged with weeds and stop it to clear the blade or take a break it won't restart again. Well it will after a couple of hours.. I've had this problem from new.

I've had it looked at by local repairers, they've tweaked the motor, tuned the motor, changed the spark plug, stripped the thing and rebuilt it but the same problem. Now they tell me I'm using the wrong oil..... So bought recommended oil, same problem......

Any suggestions?
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Dead end

If pros can't fix the problem after rebuilding it, I don't think you'd have much of a shot with diyers. Especially over the internet. Anything we tell you has probably been done already. May be time to bite the bullet and get a new weed wacker.
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I've never even seen or Heard of a Mitsubishi weed whacker.
I know Poulan brand whackers and blowers had an issue with the way the fuel lines were run and it was causing vapor lock.
It can only be one of two things, no spark or no fuel.
When I will not start I'd remove the plug and short it to metal and check for a spark.
The windings in a coil can open up when they get to hot and will close when it cools.

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