Problem starting gas-powered power washer...


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Problem starting gas-powered power washer...

I have a Wel-bilt power washer (I believe it has a Honda engine) that I've had a little over a year. I used maybe 3 times max last year and once this year. I few months ago while using it it died and wouldn't restart. I finished up what I needed with a regular hose and just tried it again this past weekend.

In the past, when I've pulled the starter cord, it had the same "tension" each time I pulled. Now, it starts off really easy, then gets progressively harder (to the point where I have to squeeze the trigger on the gun to relieve the pressure). I finally took the gun in my hand and held the trigger while I started the engine and it started then (I know that's a no no, but I only had a low pressure nozzle on that wouldn't cause any kick back).

I sprayed a small part of the house with soap, then the engine died. Ever since then, I haven't been able to start it. I called Wel-bilt and the only thing they suggested was to try and start it with the gun removed (i.e. have water going to it, have the high-pressure hose attached at the other end, and have someone hold the high-pressure hose while I started it). I did that, but still no change (and it has fresh gas and good oil level). One thing they said to try was replace the spark plug, but the unit was just purchased last March and has only been used 4 times. Does a sparkplug on a pressure washer go bad that quickly????


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Some Honda's are very picky with the spark plug and no one seems to know why, try a new plug. I always hold the wand trigger on when starting my washer. Have a good one. Geo
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Yep, I'd put a champion or autolite plug in it and try again. If nothing, I'd be looking into the warranty on it.
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Not meaning to hi-jack thread, but lately my PW will not start until I squeeze the trigger (pressure build up) same as the OP, isn't there an unloader or something to prevent this?
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Just a quick update. I replaced the spark plug two days ago and it STILL wouldn't start, so I took it back for a new pressure washer (thankfully I bought a two-year replacement plan for $20. I hardly ever do that, but I figured with a gas engine. I probably should. Definitely paid off this time).

Thanks for everyone's help.


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