Surging pressure washer


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Surging pressure washer

Hi everyone.
I have a direct drive pressure washer with a Honda gx390 motor. It was getting hard to start so I put a new spark plug in and put on a new carb. Ever since then the motor surges when I let off the trigger. It still surges when I close the choke some. If I choke it all the way it stalls. When I am on the trigger she runs like a top.
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It sounds like the idle circuit is clogged or needs adjusting. At idle the throttle plate is mostly closed so most of the fuel is delivered by the idle circuit. If it is clogged at idle the engine will start to die, the RPM drops and the governor opens the throttle and the engine rev's up. Once up and running again the governor backs off letting the engine idle and die and the process repeats.

I'm not sure if is adjustable on that engine but the orifices and passages are very small and easily clogged. You did not say why you installed a new carburetor but if the old carburetor was junked-up it's possible you have contaminated or dirty fuel in the tank that also clogged the new carb.
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Thanks, I put new carb on cuz they're cheap and the old one was pretty dingy. sorry I didn't mention It runs good at idle but when its wide open when it starts surging, but only when I release the trigger on the wand or surface cleaner, while Im on the trigger its fine. am I being redundant? I will clean the carb and see what happens. Do you think it could be the governor?

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