2009 Husqvarna snowblower w/8hp Briggs not running smooth


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2009 Husqvarna snowblower w/8hp Briggs not running smooth

I'm into my 4th season with this snowblower. It starts but when it runs the motor seems to oscillate rather than run at a steady rpm, especially with choke completely off. I have to turn the choke on 1 click out of the 4 or 5 to make it run somewhat smoothly.

Is the fuel line starting to build up deposits and maybe starve the engine a bit? I put stabilizer in the can every time I buy gas for the blower or mower.

Or, is this just to be expected with Briggs engines? I bought this particular blower because it was one of the few with a cast iron block. I think it's a 208cc, but I'd have to check.

After how many hours is it time for some engine/carb adjusting/cleaning? I think I've used it about 40 hours.
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It's not the hours running causing the issue, it's all the time it's sitting there doing nothing.
Stabilizer is nice but it does nothing to counter act the corrosive and rubber eating effects of the ethanol in the fuel.
Really need to be running nonethanol fuel, or at least adding an additive. Any hardware, power equipment shop, even Wal-Mart sells it.
Going to need to remove carburetor, disassemble and clean it with carb. cleaner. (Not just blow it out with air)
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Before you start taking it apart drain the existing gas and mix about 2oz of Seafoam in a pint of gas, start and let it run for about 20 minutes, shut it off let it set for 30 minutes then restart and let it run until it quits, somewhere during this process you should hear the engine tempo change as the Seafoam dissolves the varnish buildup. Have a good one. Geo
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It sorta does sound like it's trying to suck fuel into the engine, hence the oscillation of the rpm (about a 1 second cycle).

What does the additive do to the ethanol, bind to/neutralize it?

I should check the manual to see what it says about ethanol in the fuel.

BTW, I just checked and mine is a 305cc Snow Series engine.
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Try cleaning the Carburetor with a Carb Cleaner Spray blowing out every hole and orifice in the carb. Sometimes, if it continues to oscillate, you might need to adjust the valves...

There is a website that sells Briggs Booklets and Manuals in case you need one --> Briggs And Stratton Care & Repair Booklet For $3! Small Engine Repair;tradebit;download Briggs And Stratton;care And Repair

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