Weed Eater 25FB Gas Blower Won't Start... or Even Try To

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Weed Eater 25FB Gas Blower Won't Start... or Even Try To

I have found this site extremely helpful in the past and have been able to solve all my previous problems researching historical posts. I have been unable to find an answer to my current problem and have created an account for my first post. I will try and "help you help me" and answer the first of your questions !

Gas Blower

Weed Eater FB25

Unsure, but it is a 25CC engine (Zama carb)

Unsure, but it is a 25CC engine (Zama carb)

I can not get the blower to start. I can not even get it to try and turn over at all, just endless pulling of the cord with no difference in reaction, neither primed, full choke, half choke, nor 0 choke.

I have had this blower for about 2 years and use it maybe once to twice a month. I only use ethanol FREE fuel and mix fuel in a 1 gallon jug. I have not had any problems with it until recently.

The last several times I used the blower, it began to show problems. The engine would run well for about 10 minutes, then it would begin a cycle of slightly revving up and slowing down, revving up, slowing down... This would last another 10 or so until it would finally stall and not start again. I let it limp along like this for a few uses (like a fool) and now it wont start at all.

I started to second guess everything and wondered if I had mixed the oil too thick in the gas can and caused the engine to bog down. I emptied the blower's gas tank, disposed of the fuel in the gas can (properly), remixed an appropriate ratio of fuel/oil in the gas can, and refueled the equipment. To be safe, I also removed the carburetor, broke it down, and cleaned it, (even though it looked pretty clean inside)... I put it all back together and tried to start it again. Same issue, I pull and it doesn't even try to turn over. The primer bulb is working well and moving fuel but even on a full choke, it wont even try to turn over. I do begin to smell fuel after a few pulls, though.

I read multiple articles and videos to try and find what could cause this and tried to hunt out several issues....

- Spark Plug
I checked the spark plug area. Primed up, full choke, pull cord, inspection shows the spark plug is wet and should be getting fuel in the compartment. Next, I pulled the plug out of the engine, reconnected it to the starter wire, grounded it, pulled the cord, and saw blueish purple sparks hitting where they are supposed to. I think the plug is ok. Anyway, I replaced the spark plug to be sure and it still wont crank.

- Fly Wheel and Spark Plug Cord/Magnet
I removed the bottom housing to get to the fly wheel and inspect it. I do not see anything wrong. Key fits and doesn't appear damaged. The magnet on the base of the starter cable that runs to the spark plug looks to be in good shape. When I turn the fly wheel by hand I feel the magnetism when the fly wheel magnets get close to the one on the starter cable assembly.

- Piston
I removed the muffler and looked into the shaft at the side of the cylinder. The cylinder does not appear to be scored badly and there is not excessive carbon buildup near the muffler. I can not tell if the ring is stuck on the piston or not.

I don't know what else to check or where to turn next. Any suggestions? Is it possible that the cylinder ring is stuck? Could it be a timing issue on the spark plug? What else can I try?

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If a ring was "stuck" or broken there would be lessor no compression.
At least 90% of the time with small engines it's a fuel problem.
Replace the carburetor or remove clean and rebuild it.
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Check that the cylinder bolts are tight, try to wiggle the cylinder. Check the compression using a compression gauge you need at least 90lb. Have a good one. Geo
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Thanks for the advice. I will try to locate a gauge and check the compression next. I already took the carburetor apart, cleaned it, and put it back together. All the gaskets appeared to be in good shape, but I guess a visual inspection on a carburetor isn't exactly reliable.

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