Snow thrower idled high, then boom.

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Snow thrower idled high, then boom.

WHAT IS THE EQUIPMENT: 2 Stage Snow-Thrower
NAME BRAND OF YOUR EQUIPMENT: Troy-Bilt Storm 2840 28"
CLEAR DESCRIPTION: Last night it had trouble staying start, turns out low gas. So I refilled the machine and it worked fine. An Estimated 10 hours later I try to start the machine again and while it was stubborn, it did start. 10 Degrees "F" last night going to 18 "F" now. It has an electric start button as well as the pull chain.

Problems: When turning down the choke the engine revs high in idle. I feel like it is higher than the normal full throttler speed. When reducing the throttle speed all the way down, it took about 2 seconds before it went from HIGH to about MIDDLE then sputtered out. So I shut it down and let it rest. 2 more times I start the machine before rests and it still idles high. On choke it ran normally (for choke for the machine). After about 20 seconds on normal settings for the third time, still running very fast I hear a load POP, like a firecracker. Did not sound like something breaking but a mini explosion.

Now it will not start with the electric button and when I pull the chain it sounds different. I cannot explain, but when it is normally pulled I swear I hear 2 sounds mixed, a "air kick" and "gears turning". Now I hear "Gears turning" but they are louder, but that may be because I do not hear the "air kick".

In the cold I see white puffs come out of the carburetor exhaust (I think that is what it is called) when I pull the chain. I do not believe this is heat from the machine's engine being warm hitting the cold air (like seeing your breathe) because the machine sat about 2 and half hours from when I heard the pop to trying again with the pull chain.

It is only 3 years old, and the warranty ran out a month ago . We do the regular maintenance on it that we can. The oil is changed twice a year, after the snow is over with and before.

Thank you for reading.
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I have a feeling the problem is in the fuel system and I wouldn't get too concerned about the sounds you're hearing just yet.

I believe I would take out the spark plug and tie the spark plug wire back from the engine so it doesn't spark and jolt you. Then put your thumb over the spark plug hole and spin the engine over with the electric start. The pressure coming out of the spark plug hole should be enough to push your thumb up off the top of the hole. I believe you'll find it does.

Get a new spark plug at an auto parts store (take in the old one to match). Also get a small bottle of Sea Foam. Put about three ounces to a quart of gasoline and put that in the gas tank.

Then with the engine cold, put the choke fully on and spin the engine over about ten times, If it starts, let it run for a couple of minutes, then shut it off with the ignition switch. Let it sit for a hour or so and restart it. See if that doesn't take care of it.

If it doesn't you may to have the carb dismantled. Also you will need to check any fuel filters you may have on it as well as the gas cap vent. The cap vent can cause problems, but the other things with varnish in the carburetor are more common.
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I switched out the spark plug, added the sea foam, and it is still not running. There is white puffs coming out of the exhaust, and it looks like fuel is going in. When the spark plug is removed I feel a puff of air coming from the hole. I tried both pulling rope and using the electric starter.
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Kind of sounds like a valve hung open to me.

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