Ariens runs funny- over compensating?


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Ariens runs funny- over compensating?


This is my second thread here; the last one you guys helped me get an old tecumseh running for my '85 ariens.

At this point, the engine has a new carb (possibly not tuned right?), new ignition, new just about everything.

It starts with a couple pulls, idles a bit sloppy but better than most old snowblowers I've used.

When the engine was not hooked up to the snowblower via belt, I tuned the carb- I got it running, and turned the idle screw as low as I could while it was still running pretty well. Then I upped the throttle to "max" and turned the bottom screw until it sounded good (not too lean, not too rich)
Then I put it back to idle and tweaked that screw, back to full, etc.

Then I put the belt on and connected the two stage blower.

Now with the throttle about 1/2 way up, its about as high an RPM as I trust it. If I turn the throttle up higher than that, the idle goes up to the point where I feel like it'd throw a rod within a minute- so I run it at about 1/2.

Then, under load, it bogs down- so I start to blow and the engine slows. I find I can turn the throttle up to full and it runs quite nicely like this, but as soon as I stop blowing I need to bring the throttle back down for fear of it exploding.

I feel like the engine is going trying to compensate for a load that isn't there.

I suspect this is related to that lever thing on the front of the engine- I think it's called a govenor. I was having this issue with this engine before I decided to replace the carb and ignition, and I re-assembled that thing the same way it was when I took it apart.

Does this sound like the right place to look?
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It sounds like a governor issue. Does the governor level coming from the engine move as the load on the engine changes? Do you have the linkage from the governor to the carburetor connected? Does all the linkage move freely without binding?
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It IS linked, as I recall via a spring and a rod with some strange assembly. The whole thing moves pretty freely.

I've not checked to see if its moving as the load changes, since it requires dissasembly of some of the coverings.

My gut feeling is that its moving too soon, and needs to be adjusted- but it could very well be a screwy linkage between them. I seem to recall it was a strange spring/rod setup.

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