B&S 2200psi Power Washer won't "kick in"


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Question B&S 2200psi Power Washer won't "kick in"

I have a Briggs & Stratton 2200psi Pressure Washer. Model NO: 020228

It was working fine all summer. Then I went to use it after a couple of weeks of sitting and it just won't "kick in".

By kick in, I mean the engine starts just fine. If you pull the trigger, water comes out at the normal speed (same as if the engine is not running). You don't hear the engine begin to rev up or anything.

Any idea what to suspect first? My father was also tearing into this with me. He suspects the "unloader stem"... But I think that is a wild guess.

I'm just not familiar with how the pump works on this, so I don't even know where to begin.

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Since the engine starts and runs fine I assume it is OK and would first look at the pump assembly. Was there a bad sound or a binding when you first started it recently as if something sheered?

My pressure washer when the engine is off and the pump is not turning the water sprays out in a smooth stream from the inlet hose pressure. When the engine is at idle the pressure is increased noticeably and there is a slight, fast pulsing in the water stream which makes it easy to tell the pump is turning. If you're not seeing any difference in the stream with the motor on or off I suspect the pump is not turning. Maybe from a sheered key or worse.
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I checked and the keyway is good. The plungers go up and down and the pump turns.
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unloader valve

You dad is probably right the unloader valve is the culprit. They get stuck and just let the water circulate but not close off to let it go thru the wand.
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I agree with the unloader valve being stuck.
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Thanks! I will take a look and getting the current one to work again, or order a replacement part.

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