Lawnmower fkywheel will not turn over


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Lawnmower fkywheel will not turn over

I decided to start my older craftsman mower (i believe late 90s early 00s, 14 hp B&S engine) halfway through winter to make sure it still works.

When i started the engine i heard the clicking and a wheez and the flywheel would turn a little bit but would not turn over completely.

- i tested the battery which reads fully charged
- I adjusted the intake and exhaust valve
- the sparkplug seems to spark

When i removed the sparkplug, the engine flywheel would turn easier, but after a couple of tries it would move as much until i waited another hour and it would work better again.

However, the engine would not start.

Any ideas what this could be?
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How cold was it? How old is the battery? What oil do you have in it?

Fully charged or not the battery probably can't supply enough amps to turn your cold engine with thick oil over fast enough to start.

Try jumping it.
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I'd say either your valves need adjusting more, or your camshaft is bad (the compression release is broken).

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