Craftsman Snowblower Model: 247.88955/31AM62EE799 not starting


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Craftsman Snowblower Model: 247.88955/31AM62EE799 not starting

Hello everyone! I have a Craftsman Snowblower Model: 247.88955/31AM62EE799 and it does not start. It was working fine earlier this season and would start with a pull start but a week later required an electric/push button to start and then two weeks after would not start at all. I'm not sure what to do. It is too heavy to load into my trunk to take it to a repair shop so any advise would be greatly appreciated! I also took a video of me trying to start it if that helps anyone. Here is the link to the video: Snow blower not starting
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It appears to me that it does not have the proper compression needed. Have you done a compression test ??? What kind of engine ?? Valve in Head or Overhead Valve ??
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I have not done a compression test yet. I will look up how to do one and perform it once I get home. From looking at some pictures it looks like an overhead valve. I'm not too sure about the engine. I looked up the owner's manual online since its not with me and I found this model number for the engine: ZS385-SUA. Sorry for the uncertain reply, I'll try to check it out more in depth once I get home tonight. Thank you for the help so far.
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Well it could be a lot of things. Bad compression, no spark, wrongly timed spark, motor flooded, motor not getting fuel.

The compression test was suggested. For spark, I would remove the spark plug and drop a teaspoon of gas in the cylinder and quickly put the plug back in and try it again and see if you get any response. If it has spark you should at least get a few papump papumps out of it, unless it is flooded. If you get no change then assuming it is spark, I would get a spark gap tester and verify that the ignition is sparking and is strong enough to jump at least 1/8" gap and preferably 1/4".

For flooding, I might attempt to take spark plug out and crank it over a few times (in hopes of blowing out any flooding condition from the combustion chamber) and then put it back in and try it again. If it seems to help then I would assume that your inlet needle on your carb is allowing fuel to drip past it during storage. Does the motor have a manual shut off valve. If so, flooding is probably not the problem. If not, install one. $10 part, 15 minutes to install.

As for the motor not getting fuel. If you get a few papumps above when you put a teaspoon of fuel into the cylinder, then I would bet you must have a fuel restriction. A fuel restriction could be caused by that carburetor's inlet valve not opening when it should (stuck float or needle), but most likely, since these things are used when it can be cold out, the fuel line may be frozen.

Anyway, if you perform some of those tests I would bet the offending culprit will show its ugly face to you and tell what needs to be fixed.

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