Need help with gas generator - still stuck in power outage

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Need help with gas generator - still stuck in power outage

Hi, still without power here in the northeast from this storm. So desperate to fix my generator. I have a very unreliable Homelite HG6000 here's a link:

Homelite HG6000 6000 Watt Portable Generator

For years this thing has not started or started then would stop either after 3 mins or 3 hrs of usage. Finally took it in for service 2 yrs ago and had it all cleaned out. Since then I run it every few months, running the gas tank dry. This is what the dealer recommended rather than stabilizer fuel. It always works fine when I test run it. Yet whenever I need it it always fails me. I have a new generator coming in Tuesday but my fault for keeping this thing. Here's what's happening...

First start when I pull it out of basement storage it usually starts on 2nd pull.

Then will usually run for awhile and then just stop. It never restarts right away. Usually if I wait am hr or so it restarts.

It has a low oil shut down. Oil level is fine. Also learned I should've been draining the carb before storage so that could be it. Out of desperation I disconnected so,e of the wires near the oil basin. Hat worked! Then it would shut down. Reconnected the wires, and that worked! Then shut down eventually and that trick doesn't work. I've tried it with the choke open and closed.

I pulled the spark plug and it didn't look too good. Looked at the air filter and washed it. Also tried running without the filter and no luck. Am prepared to remove the carb and clean. Only did that once on a push owner but am desperate. Will replace spark plug, gas filter.

Any suggestions?

Sorry for the long email :-) but I'm gonna give one last desperation attempt before checking into hotel.
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If you can get it running spray some carb cleaner in there.. may work, and get some seafoam.. Put it in the gas....

The carb may be all varished up...

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Could be the low oil switch. I would disconnect it and jumper the wires. Run it and see what happens.
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Check the vent on the gas cap. If it's blocked the engine won't be able to draw fuel and it'll die.
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Definitely do the Sea Foam, as regular maintenance, too. It'll keep it cleaned out.

Another thing is check the spark as soon as it dies. Ground the plug and look for a bright blue spark. A yellow one would indicate a weak module and that could be the problem.
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Thanks all. I will try seafoam and may have some left over.

I have a feeling it has something to do with the oil switch, only bc the shut offs are so random and sudden. But I don't know what you mean to jumper them? There's about 6 or so wires too.

Hmmm vent gas gap. Never thought about that one. I'll check that.

Well I rented another generator from a local person and it's working fine. So Im covered in the short run.

Will post back with my progress. Thanks all!

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