Snow Thrower - impeller rotates, augers don't rotate


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Snow Thrower - impeller rotates, augers don't rotate

Hi we have a 4 year old Craftsman 26" snow thrower model 247.886910 that has done well 4 winters in upstate NY though this is the first really tough winter. While using it in heavy snow a few days ago, the augers stopped turning. The shear pins are intact -- this is not a sheared pin problem. The cable tension seems fine -- is not slack when the Auger Control (hand lever on left handle) is down. We notice though that when the Auger Control is down, the impeller rotates with full force, but the augers either don't turn, or if the augers do rotate you can stop their movement easily with a broomstick -- insert broomstick, augers stop immediately with no resistance.

This suggests to me that this could be a failure in the gearbox located at the center of the Auger shaft. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it possibly a belt problem? Could a belt problem have this result?

Just trying to get my bearings before trying to take things apart. My guess is that the gearbox will be an expensive part to replace.

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Yes.... the gearbox has failed. This is a weak link on many snowblowers. Part of routine servicing includes adding fresh grease/lube to the gearbox although most people don't find this out until it is wiped out. The gearbox uses replaceable parts and gets rebuilt.

Your model number doesn't appear in the service list.... are you sure it's correct ?
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snow-thrower - more info

Hi PJMax, Thanks for your post! I was afraid that's what it was. One website shows the gearbox replacement part as costing $210 -- ouch! Would you happen to know a place to buy parts at better prices? The part I saw included the 3 shafts . . . would you happen to know whether this is a difficult job to do the replacement?

You asked about the model #. It is 247.886910; I've seen it on the net without the last zero though. SN# 1G159B76121. 26" snow thrower.

Lubricating the gear box -- wish I'd known about that. The Service & Maintenance section of the owner manual does not say anything about lubricating the gearbox at all. It only says to lubricate the gear shaft which is inside the housing, where the flywheel and belts are.

I got the top plastic cover off the belt and flywheel area yesterday afternoon and could see that the belts are working correctly. There are a lot of rubber shavings sticking to the free areas in there though. Would you happen to know if that is normal to have shavings in there? There's still rubber tread on the gear shaft wheel -- about 1/8" above the metal if memory serves -- but I don't know what it's supposed to look like -- I haven't been the one doing the maint. on this snow thrower in the past.

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My suggestion is that its not worth fixing at that price. Put that money towards a new unit. You might be able to trade it in if you go to a snowthrower dealer, not the bog box stores.
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edit- I started a new thread...

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