Generac genset L1, L2 output voltage variances


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Generac genset L1, L2 output voltage variances

I have a 99 Generac genset mdl:PP5000, 5000 running watts 6250 surge watts. I recently had to replace the carb and after doing so I decided to measure the L1, L2 voltage outputs without a load and found that L1 varied from 119.2 - 122.0 volts and the output of L2 varied from 120.2 - 125.1 is this normal?

I also wanted to ask if anyone knows, when they rate surge watts what the duration would be, in other words how long can the generator handle lets say the maximum 6250 watts?

Any info would be appreciated.


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I can measure my generator tomorrow on the way to school and tell you what mine puts out. (2002 4000EXL )

The surge rating is only the time it takes to start a motor, charge capacitors in power supplies, etc. It is mostly useless unless you're feeding a large motor.
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With no load those voltage readings are probably normal. Put at least a 500 watt load on the generator (either a 240 volt load or a load on each 120 circuit at the same time) and then measure the voltages.

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