Dana/Spicer 4360 Transaxle bearing/grease replacement


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Dana/Spicer 4360 Transaxle bearing/grease replacement

Tore the 4360 transaxle out of my mower last night. Due to play and noise on the input shaft I suspected the input shaft bearings were shot.

They're actually not that bad, but I'm going to go ahead and replace them since I have it apart.

The grease really isn't bad or wet either. Should I clean it out of get a little more of the bentonite that it calls for and just top it off a bit?

If I do clean it out, how do I go about that besides using 20 cans of brake clean? And then, what new grease? A lot say "OO" or even marine grease.

And lastly, I assume these SCE108 needle bearings are the same across all the 4360 models? Mine is 4360-47 FWIW.
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I use "00" grease in them on top of the bentonite unless the bentonite is in really bad shape. I hate cleaning it off. Usually wiping it out and off the parts is about the best way to do it. You'll probably never get it all. If it looks halfway decent, then I leave it in and add some 00 grease to it to give it a bit more fluidity. I never have had a problem doing so. I think all the 4360 input bearings are the same, but I can't say for sure.
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Need to transaxle - Can Dana 4360 transaxles be swapped?

I have a Craftsmen 917256600 lawn tractor with a Dana Spicer 4360-97 transaxle that quit. I see a new Dana transaxle 4360-149 for sale at ********** for $140. Does anyone know if these can be swapped? Seems pretty inexpensive way to fix the lawn tractor. Not sure what the 2nd set of numbers mean with these transaxles.

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4360 is the series of transaxle. Within that series, there are many variations that may or may not prohibit one being used in place of another. Might be the type or length of axles, or maybe gear ratio, or who knows without knowing the specifics of both.

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