Honda GX 620 wiring


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Honda GX 620 wiring

Hello all,

I would like to thank you in advance for any help. I flip go karts as a hobby and am familiar with common problems with small engines....But I have got my hands on a much larger engine for a mini buggy I am restoring for myself:

The problem:

I know very little about wiring/electric start... I bought a used honda v-twin GX-620 and the wires coming out of the key/ignition aren't connected to anything. I am slowly figuring things out but am wondering:

1) are there any good pics/videos of how the engine should be set up?
2) are there any good wiring diagrams?
3)source for cheap parts?
4) what should I expect as far as wiring goes? I'm used to kill switch and bypass the low oil cut off.... Now I'm seeing some extra things on there like voltage rectifier, fuel cut off solenoid, elec start motor, etc.... Kind of lost and would like some good pics or advice on where to look for a shop manual that's free.
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are there any other sites/forums that you can recommend for small engine/wiring questions? I think its been long enough w/o reply
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A little out of my forum area but maybe I can give you a little help here. Honda is pretty good about putting info online. True service manuals are not free however the manuals they publish and put online are extremely helpful. I have never not found any Honda info I needed.

The link below is the Honda motor list for the GX-620. There are several different versions of that engine so rather then pick one for you.... you can pick the right one. The wiring diagram is listed in each one.

After you find and read the correct manual post any questions you have.
My specialty is electronics and wiring so I can't give you much help on engine setup and parts.

Honda Engines - GX620 Owner's Manual

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