Stihl BR380 has runability issues.


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Stihl BR380 has runability issues.

ok so step by step :
unit ran great
stored for 3 months
would not start, was not getting fuel
replaced fuel line, fuel filter,air filter,carb. rebuild kit, and fresh fuel
now it starts promptly, runs rough for fifteen seconds, backfires and dies
same scenario over and over, have adjusted the low the high and idle and no change in runability ! Someone please help, I now can really not afford a trip to the shop with $75 diagnosis + at least $75 in parts. My BR380 is my work horse/ and my money maker !!!!!!!

Thankyou to whomever can help Joe G.
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Is there a primer on your blower? If so the problem is likely on the fuel pump diaphragm side of the carburetor.

With a primer, the primer substitutes for the fuel pump to fill the reservoir in the carb and when that runs dry you're done until you prime it again.

You might also check the fuel cap for venting - sometimes that's the culprit, but most often it's in the pump diaphragm.

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