What device can I buy to suck up small rocks in my neighborhood?


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What device can I buy to suck up small rocks in my neighborhood?

In the neighborhood that I have my rentals there are always small rocks in the road, in quantity. So many that I would need something with a much larger opening than your typical shop-vac or I would be probably be better off using a push broom (and that would take ages). Obviously I would prefer it to be gas powered as well. Does any portable device (handheld or backpack is fine) have that kind of sucking power? It seems like for it to have a large opening and to be able suck up small rocks it would have to have A LOT of force. I am so unfamiliar with this that I don't even know what to google to dig for answers. Any feedback would be appreciated.

If nothing like that exists and I have to fix the problem the hard way and work on preventing it in the future I understand. But I wanted to ask first. Thanks!
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Billy Goat makes a complete line of vacuums that will do what you want.
However, they are very pricey. (+/- $900)
The problem is that most vacuums can't handle rocks. Either it wont pick them up or they'll destroy the fan.

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Call the city or state or whoever maintains the road and see if there is anything they can do about it. During heavy rains they get washed into the sewers and cause a problem and in intersections they can degrade traction. When things are slow my town sends the crews out to sweep up the rocks.

If you really want to take on street maintenance the question is how much do you want to spend?

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Sucking them up is not the way to go.
Where are these stones coming from?

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