Ryobi RLT30CESNB Not Starting


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Ryobi RLT30CESNB Not Starting

Hello everyone,

I have a Ryobi RLT30CESNB whipper snipper, I know that it is a horrible and unreliable brand but I like working on small engines as a hobby.

I fully choked it and primed it about 10 times and try to start and nothing happens.

I have not flooded it because I took out the spark plug and I can't see any fuel dripping out when it is upside down and i pull the cord. It may not be getting to the cylinder

I am getting spark but it look's weak, it seem to have a orange/red tinge to it but I am not sure, their is blue in it as well.

It might be a carby. It designed to run on 50:1 mix but I am not sure what is in the tank as I found it on the road. The only mixes I have are 25:1 and 16:1. Could I possibly drain the whipper snipper if so how and put 25:1 in and start it and kill it without damaging it. Their is fuel in the primmer.

Any help is appreciated
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Pull the spark plug, dribble a bit of gas in the plug hole, re-install the plug and see if it pops.
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Thanks for the reply,

I will have to try it out tomorrow afternoon after work. Is their anything else I can do just in case that doesn't work, not that I'm saying it won't
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Sorry for the late reply, but I dribbled fuel on the spark plug and put it back in and pulled it and it started did about 1 revolution and died. The second time it did about 3 and stopped then I pulled it again and the same happened. I did this one last time and it did about 6 revolutions and died. So my spark plug is fine it must be the fuel delivery system. What can I do?
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You can take the carb off and clean it/rebuild, or just replace it with a new one. New carbs are probably in the $25 range for this trimmer.
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Sorry, I fixed it myself i just replaced the fuel what a noob mistake but my carby is still dirty, what can i use to clean it because i dont have any carb cleaner.
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Hello, I have a RLT30CESNB as well. It wont start. I put a bit of carby cleaner in the carby; that should have started but it didn't. Anyone out there would know the Air gap for this machine? Want to check the air gap before I go on and check the coil for resistance. Thanks guys.
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Just set it with a business card which gives you about .010. An air gap on a ignition coil/module isn't like a point gap which affects timing. Getting it as close to the flywheel without striking works.

By the book you can check coil resistance but it usually changes after the coil heats up. The best way I know is to take off the kill wire when it won't start, check for spark and if no spark, replace the module/coil.

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