Honda GVX160 - rattle and black oil

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Honda GVX160 - rattle and black oil

I ran my Honda HRR216 self-propelled mower without oil until it seized (don't even ask...).

I got it unseized and started, and it seized again. Unseized it again (more easily the second time) and now have it running.

I've run it until hot and then changed the oil twice now. The oil is thin and black after 15 minutes of running. Also, when hot and under stress (higher grass, for example, or self-propelling), it rattles pretty loudly.

Thought I'd start with the flywheel. Took the cover off and spun the wheel by hand, which seems to have a hitch. With the flywheel seated, I can wobble it slightly side to side. It spins freely, but I hear a clank under the deck when I spin it. Haven't taken the flywheel off, as I don't have a puller, but I will get one if it may offer a solution.

Could the key be bad and the mower still run (and also produce rattling sound)? Could it be something else related to the flywheel and still have the above symptoms?

Things I'm also considering are: cracked head gasket; loose pin at the piston; loose bolt at the connecting rod; cracked connecting rod. Thoughts on those? I'm willing to open it up and investigate, but anything else I should check before doing so?

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I'm afraid it's almost as certain as get another engine whether you look inside or not. The noise is likely from the rod bearing/crank being gouged from lack of oil.
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If your mower had a GX series engine I might try fixing it but for a GC series like you've got I'd consider a new mower or a replacement engine. I'm sure your's can be fixed though if you want to try but a whole new engine is about $200.

You don't have a bad key as the engine would most likely not run and that would be far to easy a fix. A broken or sheered key is generally caused when you hit something really solid with the blade. And I don't think your connecting rod is cracked... but it's got lots of other problems.

I am concerned that you feel a wobble in the flywheel. It has me thinking that every moving, friction or wear surface in the engine it toast. Loose bolts is the least of the engine's problems. I'm thinking you'll need a new piston, rings, bore and hone the cylinder. Possibly a new connecting rod & pins. Possibly crank and cam shafts (hope not as they would be expensive). New seals and probably bearings for both ends of the crank and probably throw in new gaskets while you're at it. On the plus side I'd bet the carburetor and valve cover are still in good shape.
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Unless you just want to see what's inside for your own curiosity, there is no point in doing any checking or further diagnosing. The engine is ruined beyond reasonable repair.

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