Honda Engine Wiring?


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Honda Engine Wiring?

I am converting a Briggs powered John Deere Gator to a Honda. I understand the Honda ignition operates differently/opposite than a Briggs.

The connections to the starter and solenoid seem straight forward. I have not found their definition of what each connection to the engine should be. The diagram below makes a little sense but not exactly since it calls out an "E" which I find nowhere else. It's five items seem close to the box in the upper right in the second diagram (IGN, GND, BAT, LO, ST) but does "E" stand for "GND"?

Could someone please confirm the connections for run and start?
Here is what I assume I need to do:
To run IGN connects to GND and BAT (+12v) connects to LO.
To start in addtion to the run connections I apply +12V to ST.

The box in the upper right is labled top to bottom:

Or, the original .pdf engine manual can be found here. The wiring information is page 18.
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I would take E to mean "Earth", often used in place of "ground". The schematic is very hard for me to read though, it's too small to see the details.

I looked a bit more and it looks like to run you will put power to LO (fuel shutoff solenoid) and disconnect the coils from ground. The ign part is shorted to ground when the engine is off, open when the engine is on. The LO part has power when the engine is on, and the ST part has power when the engine is cranking only. The battery part has fused power going to it.
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I was able to find another manual online and it is a bit more clear. At least in their "combination switch" matrix they use the same terminology as the wiring diagram and they don't show vertical connections between the start and run lines which were really confusing me.


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