small engine problem


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small engine problem

Hi everyone I forgot to shut gas off on generator last summer. crankcase got full of gas and started leaking out fill cap. I removed cap and pulled the starter rope a couple times, engine turned ok and squirted oil &gas mixture out. Next time I pulled the rope it wouldn't turn. I took out the spark plug but that didn't help. I guess Something is stuck now but I'm not what or why it decided to get stuck. Info is Coleman Powermate 5000 with briggs 10hp # YBSXS.3052HT 274808 I hope you have a simple solution. Thanks
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You were pulling the cord when the oil was seriously diluted with fuel. Pulling the cord without oil you were scraping bare metal to metal inside the engine (not good). First drain whatever is in the case and fill to the proper level with oil. You might also try putting a teaspoon of oil in the cylinder through the spark plug hole and tip/roll the unit to distribute the oil all the way around the piston to get some to seep down between the piston and cylinder wall. They will help prevent it from galling and sticking when you pull the cord.

Also, you have a valve in the carburetor that needs repairing. It's the needle & seat at the base of the float. That valve should close completely and prevent fuel from spilling down into the engine and this also maintains the proper fuel level in the bowl so the carburetor can work properly.

Dump out all the fuel from the tank if there's any left in it from last year and re-fill with fresh gas. Modern gas with alcohol has a very short shelf life and even if last year's gas did not varnish it has lost the lighter more volatile components which will make the engine more difficult to start.

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