Pressure Washer Pump Troubleshooting


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Pressure Washer Pump Troubleshooting

After 20 minutes of using my BE pressure washer yesterday, water started spraying from the pump at the spots indicated in the first photo.

Taking the part off I saw what is shown in the next 2 photos.

The inset (chromed?) part in photo 2 is sitting loose.

The inst brass piece is loose in the screw-in piece as shown. It is flat on one side with a raised center on the other. I don't know which way it is supposed to go. Tried both ways and the water leak didn't stop.

By now it's obvious I know little about gas pressure washers, although this unit has worked well for me for a couple of years.

Any info. on what caused this problem and how to solve it would be greatly appreciated. I live in the boonies and the only local shop can't look at it for 2 weeks. Thanks.
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I was able to stop the water from spraying where indicated in the photo, after figuring out which way to re-assemble the parts, but the pump no longer builds any pressure.

The part #20 "Rod" is threaded at the bottom, but it doesn't have any nut or threaded hole to screw in to??? I don't understand this.

The parts diagram for this pressure washer pump is located here:


Without knowing what caused the leak, should I be looking at replacing the whole pump, or replacing the "Reg. Valve Kit + Seat (#13 in the parts list)?

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