Engine stalling


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Engine stalling

Craftsman YTS 4000
B&S Platinum 24HP XRD
Mower runs for 15 - 30 minutes and starts reving then stalls. Can push choke on and keeps running a little then back to run position then stalls.
Let it sit while you drink an ice tea and it will start back up.
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It would be the fuel flow to the engine definitely. That could be held up at the tank (plugged outlet/lines, filter, or vent in fuel cap plugged), or at the fuel pump if you have one (bad diaphragm or check valves/flaps old and needing replacing, or at the carburetor - plugged jets and needing cleaning.

You can check the vent in the gas cap by running the engine with the cap loosened. Check the flow to the fuel pump and/or carb by disconnecting the lines and let them flow by gravity. As for the carb cleaning you can try Sea Foam which works well on varnish. If still plugged you will likely have to pull off the carb and clean it.
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I pulled the line off the carburator and cranked the engine very little gas. Will check line coming from tank.

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