Kohler, too much fuel.


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Kohler, too much fuel.

I'm working on a Gravely zero turn with a Kohler ECV749-3013 engine. When the unit came in it was hydro locked with fuel. Cleaned all the fuel off the top of the pistons, changed oil and filter. Unit has spark and fuel, but seems to be getting to much fuel. Looking to see if there's an easy way to test this theory?
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I am not personally familiar with the kohler but if it has a gravity feed gas tank then install a manual fuel shut off valve between the tank and fuel filter.

That may just solve the problem that I suspect is related to the inlet needle and seat in the carburetor leaking. Either from crud in the chamber or a malfunctioning float.

To test, if you can squeeze off the fuel line, then remove the spark plug. Now crank over the engine 10 or 15 times to blow out any liquid fuel from the combustion chamber and intake manifold. Be aware of the fire hazard here. Keep incandescent trouble lights very far away and no open flames. Now replace the spark plug, open up the fuel line and start it up. If it starts up fine, then your flooding theory is confirmed. If it run well then a manual fuel shut off valve is probably all it needs, used for storage. If it starts well, but chokes and dies then it means it was flooding but the leak is so great that you will need to remove the carb and clean out the inlet cavity and/or replace the float, inlet needle and possibly the seat.
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Yes, it sounds like the float is stuck down, or the needle/seat has trash in it. Either way, the needle is not sealing.
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Thanks for the input! Unfortunately I forgot to mention this engine is fuel injected. What I did find is that it uses the same basic vacuum style pump as a carburated engine would but has a module that runs it as well as distributes the fuel to injectors, there's also a smaller hose that leads back to the throttle body which is intended just to let off vapors but would start pumping fuel after a min or so of running dumping fuel in the intake similar at about the same rate as a small fuel can will pour. Thanks again for the help and maybe you'll be able to share this info some day.

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