Mower kicked smoke on start, now won't start. Oil came out exhaust.


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Mower kicked smoke on start, now won't start. Oil came out exhaust.

I didn't want a gas mower for this very reason, but the Fiskars StaySharp 18" just wasn't cutting it.

Somehow, after only two uses of purchasing this mower in great used condition, it has died. First, it blew through a tank of gas in only two mows of a small ~3,000 sq. ft. lot. Then it wouldn't start. Turned out the damn oil and gas were completely empty. No traces of leakage to be found and the garage doesn't smell like gas or oil, just grass.

Checked spark plug. Fine. Checked carb bowl. Full of water. Drained the tiny amount of oil that was in there. Filled the oil and gas tank (didn't overfill either), and went to start it up. Started with a couple cranks and shot grey smoke everywhere. I let it die because I couldn't breathe anymore. Now it doesn't start and there's oil pooled up under the exhaust manifold.

What happened?

Craftsman Mulcher 4.5 hp.
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Was it stored flat, or was it tilted? If tilted, the gas and oil drained out somewhere.

If the oil was full when you were using it last, and didn't leak out in the garage, then it burned it while you used it last. If so, the person who sold it to you may have filled it with very thick oil to cover up an oil consumption problem (smoking) and it used it slowly when you mowed. Now that it's gone and you added proper oil to it, it burns through it. Just a possibility.

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