2007 Troy Bilt Pony - HELP!


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Question 2007 Troy Bilt Pony - HELP!

Hi there! I'm new here an really need some help. I've got a 2007 Troy Bilt Pony - Model# 13AN77TG766, Serial# 1C197B0043. Not sure if you need that or not. Ok here's the problem. .When you let the clutch out it loses power almost completely. I have to put it in 7th gear to get it to move. My husband has changed the oil, replaced some belt thingy under my seat, made sure the other belts were tight, checked spark plug, air filter, an some other things. He said something about a Tensioner, and wants to know if you can add gear oil to the differential?? I hope I'm making some sort of sense cuz I haven't got a clue as to what he's talking about lol. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice ya'll can give me. Thanks very much!
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Hello RedSox9908,

The "differential" (transaxle) is a sealed unit and takes grease not gear oil, Their normally good on grease for the life of the unit.

Since your hubby has worked on the drive system (under the seat) try this first;

Start the machine up and while holding the clutch down and gear selector in neutral position, Move your speed range selector into the highest range (7) then let the clutch up. Watch the clutch pedal to see that it slowly comes up all the way, Now push the clutch down then shift into forward or reverse and see if it drives as normal.

In most cases when the drive system is worked on (belts/pulleys) the variator needs to be neutralized to drive properly.

Good Luck

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