flooded weedeater.


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flooded weedeater.

Hello, I have a homelite weed eater. ut20677 25cc. Problem was not getting any fuel. Put a rebuild carb kit in it. Now.. lol.. im getting way to much fuel, plug is saturated on just 3 or 4 pulls and its to the point when i took muffler off to clean it had fuel in it to were it poured out a little. I origanlly soaked it in carb cleaner then blew out with air. I'm pretty sure I put diaphram and seals back in correctly. ANy ideas?? Jer ......... I think this is the carb # H39 81B
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I just did the same thing cleaning everything and cleaning carb. After it starts and pulled the trigger for higher RPM's it dies. I'm thinking the little diaphram is not working anymore( I had one from other carb too and tried that). Try to adjust the carb: there are 2 round metal little knobs visible on outside of carb( one for high and one for low). Push a blue wire connector tightly over the knob and hold outside end with pliers or vise grip. Turn knob(s) with 1/4 turns and see if it works then.( have several blue wire connectors handy..after several turns it doesn't "grab" tightly anymore.
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Another suggestion : if you get way too much fuel your spark plug gets wet too. I'm sure you know but add this anyhow. Unplug, clean and dry it. ( I usually take a lighter) Is your Gap on spark plug still good?
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Double check the diaphrams to see if they are installed right.Did you install the metering lever back,did you happen to bend the lever.If it is to high,it will flood the engine.Hope this helps.


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