Craftsman LT1000 Turns but won't fire!

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Craftsman LT1000 Turns but won't fire!

I have a craftsman LT1000 model 917.272673 with a BRIGGS ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 31C707,TYPE NUMBER 0230-E1 that’s probably 15 years old. It turns and will not fire. Here is the situation. A kid that used it last didn’t check for mice, and there was a fire on the front of the engine. This all happened before the lady that owned it at the time gave me the tractor. I rigged the melted spark plug wire good enough to turn the engine and get it to run for about 2 seconds. It then stalled, but the spark plug wire rigging had suffered a little so I assumed that was why. And I assumed it would be an easy part swap fix. Maybe I was wrong. When I replaced the magneto, the thing just turned (not well) and would not fire. The starter began to smoke a bit as well. So, I replaced the starter and tried to turn it over, same slow, hard, turning. The battery charger I had it on at the lady’s house sucked, so I got it into my shop at home and put it on a real charger. Since then, it turns great; Here is what else I know:
1. starter, magneto, spark plug, fuel filter, fuel, oil, and all effected wiring has been replaced.
2. The spark plug sparks
3. There is compression, I can feel a lot of air coming from the spark plug hole when it’s removed and cranked, and from the manifold when the carb is removed and the engine is cranked.
4. I took the carb off and cleaned it. Not like a super pro cleaning, but it seems clean…..
5. The piston is moving. I stuck a screwdriver in there and turned the wheel. Seems like full motion to me.
6. The fire was extinguished with an extinguisher, it looks like there was some flame, but it doesn’t look like it went too far past smoldering. Some of the intake manifold is melted on the surface, but I don’t see any holes.
7. It is NOT getting fuel, and it looks like the assembly that chokes, and adjusts the fuel is not working properly.
7A. I took off the intake manifold and shot starting fluid in there, and turned it, no firing at all. I shot gas and starting fluid into the spark plug hole, replaced the plug quickly and turned the engine, nothing.
8. It turns great, just doesn’t even make a small trace of firing.
9. All safety mechanisms have been tested and/or bypassed.

It just spins and spins, and laughs at me while I push mow 3 lawns…!

Jon in NH
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Have you pulled the valve cover to see if the valves are operating properly?

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