Briggs and Stratton 18 HP Intek head gasket


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Briggs and Stratton 18 HP Intek head gasket

OK experts - need a little help. I mowed the grass yesterday (or at least started to) and noticed some puffs of white smoke as it ran...very faint, but you could see them and smell that something was going on. Going down hill, the little puff turned into an all out smoke show. I throttled it back, shut it down and pushed it back into the garage. I checked the oil level and all was good there. I started to take it all apart thinking right away head gasket or carb. When I got the plug out I noticed oil on it. Sure enough, the gasket was worn and starting to fall apart (see picture). So I ordered B&S part number 794114. The model number of my motor is 31D777 0233 E1 030523ZA (or at least that is what is stamped on the valve cover. Do you guys think this is my only issue? Any other recommendations based on the condition of the head and buildup on the piston? Thanks in advance!

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That is probably your only issue if it hasn't been smoking before. It's a common failure on this engine.
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Maybe someone would post the tightening sequence and the location of each head bolt when the topic is head gaskets. I find lots of info on head gaskets, but most of us want to put the cylinder head back on the engine!

I cannot find this anywhere on the Internet for my B&S Intek engine. B&S has the torque and other necessary specs on their website if you dig into it, but there's no diagram for the tightening sequence.

I wouldn't remove a cylinder head without having this information if I intended to replace the head.

Thank you!

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If you're only asking advice about what kind of tire to put on your car we assume you know bolt the wheel on unless you ask. As for the head on any engine it's also put on similar to a wheel where you tighten bolts opposite each other. There are also many images on the web showing tightening order but the key you'll see is that it's working from one side to the other.

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And different engines have different torque values. Generally when asking for specs, you will need your model number. Probably the reason you don't see torques posted here is because it's right there on the briggs and stratton website. The sequence is also readily available. A quick google got me this from B&S:

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