Small Engine Problem


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Small Engine Problem

Hello Everyone,
My name is Seth. New to the site. Decided to join after reading how to repair my Riding Lawnmower which I appreciated the the clear answers I found on this site. So here is my question.

A couple of years ago I build for my Son a small motorcycle. I took a small electric motorcycle and added a 22cc scooter/ 2 stroke engine. I don't really know anything specific regarding brand about the engine as I pieced this together as I came across parts. It has disc brakes for front/ back with single lever (cable) that works each caliper simultaneously. Gas is operated by thumb control from a small 4-wheeler.

The rig ran great for a couple of season then last year it began to give me trouble. It wdid not want to idle no matter how much adjustment I attempted. When the scooter runs it does OK if you just let it idle/ very light pressure to throttle and it will move along slowly but as soon as you add throttle it begins to die. If I jack it up and keep the back wheel off the ground I can get it nearly to full throttle then it just dies. No amount of "feathering" of the throttle will keep it going. I have taken the car apart and cleaned it. I changed the gas and made sure I was working with a fresh tank. I am stumped as to what is going on and why I can't get it back to full operation. This little machine would run like a demon....It has 10 inch tires (top to bottom) and with me would hit 35mph (maybe faster if I would have had more road). My son really want this thing running again and so Do I but I have spent countless hours trying to fix the problem and cannot. I would appreciate any help or ideas very much.

Thanks for the help
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How much compression does it have? Might check to be sure the exhaust isn't clogged. If both check out, I would suspect carburetor problems.
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I would first look at the exhaust like Cheese mentioned. Long ago I had a small 2 stroke engine that would plug the spark arrestor screens in the exhaust. It became part of my maintenance and I'd clean it out once a season.
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I'd also install a new sparkplug. I had a 2 stroke bike 40+ yrs ago that didn't like old plugs, even if you cleaned them well.
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Thanks for the ideas. I never tried the plug as it wasn't that old/ many hours on it as it was sparking fine. But maybe that will play a role. Will definitely try the exhaust repair as it gets very heavy with oil in the discharge. May very well likely be restricted.

Thanks fellas


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