Used Mixed Gasoline( Gas & Oil) on Lawn Mower...what do I do?


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Used Mixed Gasoline( Gas & Oil) on Lawn Mower...what do I do?

Okay, I accidently poured the mixed gasoline and oil combo (used for weed eaters) into the lawn mowers gasoline tank. The lawn mower already had half a tank of good gasoline. The mower ran fine but did not know I did this unti lafter the fact later in the day. What should I do?? Please help. If I have to drain the should this be done.
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If it's running fine I would let it go. As far as I know a little extra lubrication won't hurt any.
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Fill it back up with regular gas to help dilute it. Also try to shake the mower to agitate the gas before you use it next. When you pick up a weedeater or blower, by the time you start it you've already agitated it somewhat, you won't get that with a mower. You want to keep the oil and gas mixed up.
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Use it... no worries. It's fine to use any time.
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Might smoke a little more till gas used up but should not hurt anything.
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The worst it can do is foul the sparkplug. I'd refill with the correct gas and not worry about it
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Don't tell my lawnmower or it will want some oil too.

Just dilute it down. That oil was meant to burn in an internal combustion engine. No problem.

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