Toro mower engine gets stuck at a certain point, making it impossible to start.


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Toro mower engine gets stuck at a certain point, making it impossible to start.


I have Toro 6.5 Recycler, model: LV195EA 362003B. The mower stopped working a few days ago. Today, I tried to start it. The string wouldn't pull. The oil looked low so I added some oil. Still no luck. I raised the mower horizontally and tried to rotate the blade either direction. It moved with some difficulty and made sounds of liquid being pushed around inside and some amount of oil came out of the air filter - maybe I added too much oil. Now it turns most of the cycle freely when I rotate it, but gets difficult to rotate at a certain location - it pushes back like a spring and makes sounds of liquid motion. After I force-rotate past that point, it rotates freely again. When I try to pull the string, it pulls freely until the engine gets to that point, then gets stuck, making it impossible to pull any further. It also yanks the string out my hands at times - it used to do that for a while before the last failure. Any suggestions what might be wrong? Thanks!
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Let's start with why the mower "stopped" a few days ago. Did you hit something stopping it dead in it's tracks? Did it run out of gas? Did it start sputtering and slowly die?

You said the oil was low, implying that you checked the level. Then you suggest that you over filled it. With the mower sitting on level ground pull the dipstick and check the oil level. That will tell you if you have over filled it or not. If you are thinking that you have over filled it because of oil pouring out when you tipped the engine on it's side then that can be entirely normal. Most engines are not designed to be turned on their side and when you do so oil can pour out of various points.

And, depending on how long you had the mower on it's side oil or gas may have gotten into the cylinder hydro locking it. If so it will not run and you won't be able to pull the cord. Remove the spark plug and pull the starter cord vigorously until it stops puking oil or gas out.

Still, I think the key right now is to find out why the mower "stopped working a few days ago".
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My young son used it last. He told me the blade scraped a large protruding tree root a couple of times, but the mower kept working a while after the hits. At the end, it sputtered, smoke came out and stalled.
Today, I tried the spark thing and it worked, many thanks!!! It did spew out oil out of the spark hole. I used it for 10 minutes and stopped it to remove some items in the lawn. When I wanted to restart, it hydro-locked again. So I tried the spark plug solution once more. I restarted it a couple times after that, it didn't hydro-lock. However it did produce thick smoke time-to-time. It seemed, when the mover hit a hard job (like dense grass), it smoked and lost power - I lift the mower up slightly to avoid stalling. My yard is on a slope, I think that contributed time-to-time as well. This didn't happen during the past three years. Stg must be broken inside allowing easy access for oil.
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