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I have a 4 year old Sear's Craftman 5.0 HP engine lawn mower. I just recently tried starting up my gas lawn mower that I accidently left out in the rainy winter and did not want to start. It had operated fine the previous years. I noticed that my air filter had been dirty...changed that. Changed the oil and spark plug. I also cleaned out the left over grass from last season's mowing. I actually got it to run after pulling on the cord and pushing the "Cold starter" button but it dies quickly. Can my lawn mower be safed? Thanks.

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Hi: lqtsai

Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

Your mower can be saved...sounds like a fuel system problem based on your discription. You have already done a good job with the basic work.

Most likely there is water and or gum vanish in the carb. May need to flush out the entire fuel system. There may be fresh fuel in the tank but it may not be getting to the carb in enough volume to run the engine.

If you can, remove the rope pull starter housing and sand paper off any rust on the two magnets in the body of the flywheel. I doubt it's an electrical problem but an engine left out in the rain for a winter season will have rust there.

Check the archives in this forum for more info on the subject.

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Your carb's plugged...........

remove, disassemble and clean your carb. Make sure to check all the little holes in the inner carb body, blow through them using compressed air or your lips and a small rubber hose.
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Do I need to get a carb repair kit?

Thank you Tom B. and Will-at-home for your suggestions. I did what Tom suggested about cleaning the flywheel but have not clean the carb yet. If I take apart the carb, do I need to get a carb repair kit? If so, where do I get one? I have misplaced my manual for the lawnmower. Thanks.
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Easy one.

Go to and click "parts". Then, you can enter the model # of your mower and you will be shown all of the repair parts & and illustrations for it, including the carb. kit (yes, you'll need one). You can order a manual for it there as well. Sears has excellent support in this regard.

Sears has online ordering, so you can order right from your desktop once you identify what you need.

Most Sears mowers have Tecumseh engines (not all), if so, contact them at The company is Lauson Power Products (They own the Tecumseh name). It can also be a Briggs & Stratton engine, which would be at Either company should be able to help, even if you furnish the Sears model #. They can cross it to their number/part.

Or, you can visit your local small engine dealer, furnishing the same information and they can help as well.

Good luck. That was an easy one.
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Take a 7/16 wrench and remove the brass jet/nut
out of the bottom of the carb and let all the
trash drain out. Clean out all the small holes
in the side of this nut/jet, and reinstall.
Sanding flywheels is useless.
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carb kit

True a carb kit would be a good idea but, I,ve done good without before, after all were just try to get it unplugged. But then again, if you tear a gasket you'll be glad you had a kit right there. Just remember how it all goes back together and you'll be alright.
Good luck
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Thumbs up Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that it worked. I cleaned out the carb by taking it apart and sparying it with a carb cleaner. I didn't need to buy a carb repair kit. Thank for all the helpful suggestions!
I love this site and have recommended to my family and friends. : )
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Sears Lawn Mover Problems

Have you tried to completly drain the gas tank to include the carbrator?

If you are getting a good spark and the plug is wet it sounds like a gas problem.

Hope this helps, I have worked on many Sears mowers.

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