Weed Trimmer stopped, now won't start


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Weed Trimmer stopped, now won't start

I know, this isn't the first (or last) Trimmer Won't Start discussion. But I read & tried the ideas in most of the others, and got no joy.
Troy-Bilt TB80 EC, 27cc 2-cycle motor. Third year to use it, but not that many hours on it.
Recently I started & ran the thing, and after about 15 minutes trimming my lawn, the trimmer stopped. It hasn't run since.
So far, I've:
  • Replaced the current fuel with fresh 40:1 fuel
  • Cleaned the air filter
  • Pulled the plug & cycled to clear the combustion chamber
  • (Plug has a nice dark gray dry coating on it)
  • Put some drops of gasoline into the spark plug hole, got NO start or cough
  • Tried to start with gasoline in the tank. No response either.
Pulling the cord seems easy enough - no tight spots, or other problems. I smell fuel near the muffler after pulling several times. I looked at the filter, it still looks mostly ceramic white.

What's next?
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Check it for spark with a grounded plug = should be a bright blue spark.

If no spark disconnect the kill switch = if still no spark , check wiring going to the ignition coil for breaks and arcing. If nothing there the coil probably has gone bad.

If you have spark, try starting it with wide open throttle and no choke.
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Remove the muffler and check the piston and cylinder walls for deep scratches/scoring,, if it has scratches it is probably junk, if not get a compression tester and check the compression, should be 90+ to run. Have a good one. Geo
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"(Plug has a nice dark gray dry coating on it)"

Dark gray dry coating is anything but nice. I'm thinking this engine has cooked and doesn't have enough compression to run.
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I'm not all that familiar with 2-cycles (so that's why I'm here). I'll do a thumb compression test when I get the help this afternoon.

BTW, the spark (Thanks marboj) is almost non-existent.
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Could be a fried ignition module. But in hot weather two strokes can take a beating in the lube department and it doesn't take long to score up a cylinder.

On a chainsaw I up the oil in the gas about 8 parts gas to oil (40:1 to 32:1). Also make sure you use a high quality oil in the mix, like Echo or Stihl. In a trimmer you may spend another dollar a season on oil for the higher priced stuff - not much. A small engine guy that goes to a lot of seminars on lubes was telling me the Echo is better that the Stihl oil. I believe he said it was because of separation in the mix. I've always used Stihl and no problems.

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