John Deere tractor


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John Deere tractor

This is likely a stupid post as I don't have much info, but it is bouncing around my noodle and want to throw it out there.

I was picking up some hay from a guy and in passing he asked if I know anything about tractors. He has a older (guessing 60's?) JD gas tractor that he uses to pull the hay equipment that has been giving him troubles since last year. He can run it for about 45 mins and it runs fine, but then it starts missing and gets worse until it looses too much power and he has to shut it down. He lets it sit for a while and it will start up and then start the process over.

He has replaced the cap, rotor, wires, and plugs thinking it was electrical. I'm thinking it is fuel related. I'm wondering if maybe the gas is vaporizing before the carb (vapor lock) but don't understand why something like that would be happening after so many years, although I am likely off base.

BTW - It is not just bad gas as he only puts a few gallons in at a time. from the corner gas station.

Thanks if you can help at all!
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Hello Tolyn Ironhand,

I wouldn't think vapor lock either on something this old.

He has replaced the cap, rotor, wires, and plugs thinking it was electrical.
Since he's replaced all the above, He may need to go further and replace the points-condenser and ignition coil. Could be heat soak in the coil or faulty condenser, Of course you wouldn't replace the condenser without replacing the points as well.

Good Luck
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I was thinking a bad coil as well. Another possibility is the gas cap. If it isn't venting properly it can build up pressure in the tank that will make the engine run rough. You can reach over and remove the cap and hear a hiss and then the tractor will run right again.
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What type of fuel filter does the unit have ?
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I think 31Ytech is right on.

Give some more details as to what is the # designation of the tractor (ex. 3010 or 50). How many cylinders? Is it an old "Popping Johnny" (2 cylinder)?
I have been using and repairing John Deere tractors since 1960.

I remember a bad problem on an old Allis Chalmers. Seems it would idle fine and start off with a load and then smother down. I finally discovered a large mud dauber nest in the air intake cap that was unattached and rolling around. When everything lined up just right it would plug the air pipe and choke down the engine. When I pulled off the cap (while moving down road) it raised front wheels off pavement and nearly threw me off. My uncle had traded 10 weaning pigs for it. He got several years use from that tractor.

Could be something that simple.

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Funny story Rough Rooster... reminds me of loading the old ford 8n tractor up the ramps on the trailer with a finish mower on the back. Midway up the ramps the front end went right up and I had to get the rest of the way up the ramps with it off the ramps and no steering. Spooky.
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He did try running it without the gas cap on and that made no difference. I was also thinking along the lines of a clogged fuel filter. I am going to try to get a hold of him over the weekend but he is likely out trying to bale since this is the first stretch of dry weather we have had is a while. First cut of hay is about a month behind.

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