Push mower won't restart after it has been running


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Push mower won't restart after it has been running

I have a 17 year old Weed Eater / Briggs and Stratton push mower. It starts on the first or second pull but since last summer has developed a habit of not wanting to start again after I have turned it off to empty the bag. It needs to sit for a good hour and a half. Certainly not conducive to efficiency in a 35 minute job!

Last year I replaced the air filter. It was sopping wet with gas
This year I replaced the park plug.
When it won't restart I have taken the spark plug out and it was dry.

Does it sound like it may be the carburetor? Can I run some seafoam through it like a car? Maybe it is time to just replace it I am not interested in learning to repair it if it isn't a quick job.

Thanks for your time!
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You can replace the carburetor and that would likely fix it. Or you can put a float and needle valve in it with a good cleaning and that would likely fix it.

The problem isn't a Sea Foam fix.

The float valve (needle valve) is letting fuel past when it should be stopping it. That overfills the carburetor bowl and the engine floods as soon as you shut it off.

Sometimes they will start back up using a full throttle setting with no choke.

It starts when cold because a richer mixture is needed to start a cold engine. A hot engine would get flooded and not start on the same mixture.
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I would start by cleaning the fuel tank cap. Dust and dirt can build up in there, restricting the vent, ultimately creating a vacuum within the tank.
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Post the model, type and trim xxxxxx-xxxx-xx usually found stamped in the metal shroud just above the spark plug so we know what you are working with. Have a good one. Geo
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Thank you! I decided to replace it after 17 years. I am not interested in replacing the carburetor myself so moving up! I appreciate your replies!

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