Honda HRX217 Smart drive cable adjustment


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Honda HRX217 Smart drive cable adjustment

Hello. I have had my Honda HRX2172VKA for about 5 years now I guess and i've been tightening up the cable a little every season. This season it started making an awful noise from the gearbox so I looked up how to do it properly. I figured I had it too tight. What I was doing at first was just tightening it until it had no play in it. I guess this is wrong.

Here is the procedure I followed in the manual. Link below.

After I did the 4 turns backwards at the end of the procedure, it was basically unusable. There was so much play in it the mower wouldn't move unless I pushed it with my thumbs almost all the way. I tightened it a full 2 turns and it's still pretty loose but usable. It still wears out my thumbs after an hour.

Here's a video of how loose it is now. I don't want to tighten it too much, but I did exactly how the manual describes but only 2 turns loosened afterwards instead of 4.

Is it ok to tighten it a little more? I don't want to damage anything. I LOVE THIS MOWER. Never had one start first time every time. Of course general maintenance helps.

Link to video. Ignore my fatness. Also, no idea why Photobucket turns all videos sideways. It was not sideways when I played it on my PC...Sorry about that. You can see how far I have to push my thumb to get it to move.
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my mower is over 10 years old. I have had the same issues having to adjust the cable. The first time I adjusted the cable was to pull it out between the wire ties which made it run just a tad bit faster. So when I had the time I adjusted the cable about 4 turns to lengthen the cable away from the handle that is and it ran a whole lot faster and has stayed put since I used a wrench and not my hands. So I still have the issue you talk about where the transmission makes a vibrating noise like the bearings are going bad. However the vibration stops once the motor is warm and apparently the oil is too in the transmission which makes me wonder if they are connected or is it just the use of the self propelling mode that warms the oil where my transmission stops making that vibrating noise and will not go fast as it will when it gets warm. I have read that you cannot get into the transmission to fill the oil it is a sealed system. That's not good news. I just bought another HRX 217 and the transmission is awesome it feels like a sports car and apparently the deck has been lightened somewhat. I will add on this new mowerI am trying to find a way to make the engine rev higher it is way too low. I will update if I find a fix for that.

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